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Lan Bale Tennis Coaching Philosophy

Children’s Self-Esteem

Lan Bale’s more than 30 years of worldwide playing and coaching experience forms the basis of our coaching philosophy. Lan’s passion and commitment fostered a dream to bring quality tennis coaching to the South Island. The dream became a reality when Lan managed to entice experienced coach, Danny Baleson, to take up the position of coach at the Te Anau Tennis Club.

Since 2016, Danny has furthered the principle of tuning in to every individual tennis player’s needs, regardless of age or level. Danny says: “The most important principle of our coaching philosophy, with acknowledgement to Tiger Woods’s master coach, Hank Haney is:

“The more ways we teach, the more people we reach…”

In other words, we at Lan Bale Tennis understand that every student is unique, so we strive to connect in such a way as to make learning a fun and fulfilling experience.

Whilst we welcome all ages to our tennis lessons, the following excerpt from Dennis Waitley’s THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WINNING” does a good job of summing up how we view working with kids:

“Take a moment to hear today, what our children have to say.
Listen today whatever you do, or they won’t come back to listen to you.
Listen to their problems, listen to their needs.
Praise their smallest triumphs, praise their smallest deeds.
Listen to their chatter, amplify their laughter.
Find out what’s the matter, get to what they’re after.
Take a moment to hear today, what our children have to say!”


Danny Baleson

Please contact Danny directly to organise coaching

021 2374225