Te Anau Tennis Club Memberships.

Te Anau has over 100 members divided up among Junior, Senior and Social Memberships. Being a member brings a bunch of benefits such as:

- Subsidised Coaching for Junior Members with Lan Bale Tennis
- Junior Members are also eligible for Saturday Morning Tennis and Thursday Afternoon Club Practise
- Addition to the Clubs Ladders for all types of Memberships
- Access to Thursday Night Tennis for Senior and Social Members
- Senior Members are eligible for Saturday Tennis selection
- Access to the Clubs Courts 24/7

Memberships are valid from the 1st of October through to the 30th of September each year. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you would like to join.

Membership Types.

Junior $30

If you are under the age of 18 you can join the Te Anau Tennis Club as a Junior Member.

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Senior $115

If you are a little more competitive and interested in Saturday Tennis then this is for you.

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Intermediate $50

Intermediate memberships are for young tennis players between the ages of 12 and 18.

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Social $50

This is the option if you just want to join the fun, it also gets you onto the competition ladder.

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Become a Member.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to become a member of the Te Anau Tennis Club. Someone from the Te Anau Tennis Club will be in touch once your application has been received, processed and approved.